205 Beech Street - Renovation Bliss!!!

Andrew and I bought a stucco house on Beech St in December of 2017 and recently found out that the house is actually a red brick house built in the 1880's. Lucky us!!! We decided to chip the stucco off of the house by hand and restore the home to its former glory. We have now hired Lloyd Masonary to restore the brick and repoint the entire home. 

The back portion of the house is an addition most likely added on in the 60's and deperatley needed to be resided, as it is currently covered in hideos insul-brick. We decided to take on another fun and physically challenging project of residing this portion of the house with Cedar that you burn and cover with Tung oil to naturally perserve the wood and seal it for at least 80 years. 

The process is called Shou Sugi Ban and requires you to burn each board of cedar on all four sides, then wire brush the burnt soot off of the cedar, sweep the boards, then brush with Tung oil and then reburn to seal in the oil. In total the process takes about 20 minutes for two boards ans we have a total of 150 boards to complete which will be used to side both the back of the house and the new garage we are building. 

Please view our video of the process and let us know if you have any questions. I think this will deserve a garden party when we are done. 

Happy burning!! Abbey